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​The school bus driver, Mr. Bigoli is always on time, so make sure you don't miss the bus!

Mike Gemelli is the most athletic kid at Pasta Elementary. Macaroni dreams of beating his 100 meter dash school record to impress Penne.

Mr. Linguine is the Science teacher and the smartest pasta around! The kids love participating in experiements in his class. What will Macaroni's Science fair project be?

The very kind school nurse is Mrs. Ziti. Hopefully you won't have to visit her too often, but when you do, she'll make it as painless as possible.

​Frances 'Frankie' Orzo may not be the nimblest noodle in the box, but you couldn't ask for a better blocker on the football field!

​Jennifer Pastina is a sweet girl and a tomboy who happens to have a secret crush on Eddie Spaghetti!

Mr. Canelloni is the school janitor and takes great pride in keeping the building clean for the children.

Macaroni has the biggest crush on the cute girl he meets on the first day of school .

Macaroni's adoptive parents are young and hip, but can still be a little embarrasing when Mac has his pals over to play.

Mr. Vermicelli is the teacher of Macaroni and his friends. He is a very positive role model and mentor for the children.

Contact Info:

Robbb Miller: Owner/Creator of Pasta Elementary

About Pasta Elementary

     Pasta Elementary is going to be the hottest new kids cartoon on TV. The whole world is pasta related with easily identifiable characters and settings for children, with the central storyline taking place in an Elementary school, located in the city of Al Dente, Pastonia. A few of the pasta related variations of real life in the show are; a gymnasium with a pool filled with marinara sauce and 'snow days' when parmesan cheese falls from the sky. My goal is to bring this show to network television and target 5-11 year old children. A lot of the shows aimed at kids these days have no real substance. I want to bring back wholesome, meaningful programming to children with a classic look and feel, and lessons to be learned in each episode.

     The first season of the show will depict the main cast in the 1st grade, starting with the pilot episode taking place on the first day of school. Each subsequent season will have the children moving on to the next grade, rather than keeping them the same age indefinitely as most cartoons do with their characters. This way children can grow up watching the series, as it will have more mature subject matter and situations with each new season.

     The main character of the show is Macaroni, who's closest friends are Spaghetti and Lasagna, as these tend to be the most popular pastas amongst children. Just about every popular pasta will have a recurring role in the series, but with so many different types of pasta in the world, introducing new characters whenever needed will be quite easy. Every kid watching this show could really become a 'pasta expert' of sorts, learning all the different types of pasta around the world, especially when the 'foreign exchange' pastas are introduced, such as ; Pierogi, Spaetzle, Couscous and Soba. Did you know the name of large shell pasta used in stuffed shell recipes is conchiglioni? You do now and so will your kids after watching this show.


Welcome to


Pasta Elementary

​Billy Fiori is a classmate of Macaroni's. He's a bit of a class clown and always has a joke to lighten the mood.

The school Art teacher is Mr. Fettuccine. His favorite paint to use is Alfredo sauce! All of the kids at Pasta Elementary love coming to his class to express their creativity.

The friendly Chef loves creating new dishes for the children's school lunches to be served up by Ms. Maltagliati.

Tagliatelle is a bit of a bully. He picks on Macaroni and his friends, and often makes fun of Mac's first name. Like Macaroni, he has a crush on Penne.

Betty Bavette is a super sweet girl. She's Angel Hair's best friend and fellow cheerleader. She volunteers her time at homeless shelters and retirement homes. 

Principal Farfalloni Bow Tie is a fair but strict school leader. No breaking the rules on his watch. Hopefully you won't be spending much time in his office.

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Penne's best friend Rita Rotini. She often causes problems for Macaroni by embarrassing him in front of Penne.

Garganelli is an antagonist in the show. He's in a punk rock band called Antipasta. He's the same age as Rigatoni and these two characters will often butt heads.


The main character in the show greatly prefers to go by his last name or just 'Mac' rather than the first name that was passed down by his Great Grandfather.

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Bologna Dog is Macaroni's pet! This playful puppy never runs out of energy.


Ms. Maltagliati can be a little frightening to the children, but she's really nice if you get to know her. She serves up the Chef's newest concoctions for all the students in the cafeteria.

The prettiest and most popular noodle at Pasta Elementary. Nicknamed Angel Hair, she is the head cheerleader, and girlfriend of the cool and handsome Rigatoni.

"Love all the characters in @pastaelementary, and I'm a big fan of the season-by-season grade change idea. This has huge potential." -Eli Sanza, Online Critic

​"Great job." -Adam Rikfin, Underdog, Mousehount, Small Soldiers

​"He's great looking! Keep going! Draw and write!" Chris Nee, creator and executive producer of Doc McStuffins- on Mr. Manicotti

​​"I think it looks damn' tasty."-Peter Lord, Producer and director of Chicken Run, Curse of the Were-Rabbit, and The Pirates! Band of Misfits.

​Ms. Penne is the school librarian and mother of Macaroni's crush, Penelope Penne.

A foreign exchange pasta from Poland!

A foreign exchange pasta from Japan!

After being introduced to Macaroni by Jimmy Lasagna, these 3 quickly become an inseparable trio. Most people call him 'Eddie'.

Jimmy Lasagna lives on the same street as Macaroni and is also his best friend. Their favorite activity is to play video games on the Noodlevision 64.

The band members of 'Antipasta' owe all they know to the teachings of Mrs. Stringozzi, the school's music teacher. It's tough for Macaroni to decide if he wants to play the violin or the flute!

Macaroni's grumpy next door neighbor, the elderly Walter Pappardelle, loves to tell stories of the Battle of Boyardee to Macaroni and his pals... that is, when he's not too busy yelling at them to stay off of his lawn!

​Rebecca Bucatini is from a very well-to-do family of pastas, but just wants to be accepted among the other children!

​Mr. Fusilli is the handiest guy in town! He teaches the children to build and fix things in woodshop class, and will be featured in the 'Soap Box Derby Race' episode!

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A foreign exchange pasta from Ghana!


The twins, Terry and Tony, are classmates of Mac and his pals. These two are are never apart and like to cause trouble, although they appear sweet and innocent.

Mr. MAN-icotti, emphasis on the 'Man', is the very masculine gym teacher. Who's ready to do some laps in the marinara pool? 

The coolest guy in 5th grade is also a role model for Macaroni and his pals. Little known fact: his first name is 'Arthur', but he goes by 'Toni' or 'The Tone'.

Doctor Lorenzo Gnocchi has his own practice in the city of Al Dente and is currently running a special on carbonara vaccinations! 

​The chief of the pasta police is Jimmy Lasagna's father, Officer James Lasagna. He keeps the residents of Al Dente safe and visits the school to educate children on spice abuse.

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A foreign exchange pasta from Germany!